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    Keith - Age 40Weighting on 40

    The purpose of this website is to help you live your life in abundant health.  Included in that purpose are teaching you about approaches to fitness; helping you sort out the myths and truths about exercise and nutrition; teaching you how to set fitness, health, and weight goals; helping you understand and adopt healthy eating habits; and showing you how to enjoy the journey to fitness.

    You weren't intended to live a life of pain, suffering, and unhappiness.  Your life is supposed to be one of vibrance, activity, and joy.  The journey from where you are to where you CAN be will take time, and this website is here to help you every step along the way.  Best of all, there's already a ton of free information already on the site.

    This site is intended to help you make positive decisions that will have a meaningful impact on your quality of life.  Ultimately, of course, the decision making is entirely up to you; you are responsible for your own health.  What this responsibility really boils down to is honestly looking at the person you are and realizing that there is a need to change and making the decision to do something about it.  Ultimately, the goal of this website is to help you set and reach goals that will have a meaningful and healthful impact on your overall well-being.

    Physique transformation takes work.  Anyone here looking for a quick fix, magic bullet, or super-secret 'trick' that will cause fat to just melt off the body will have to start looking elsewhere.  You'll find no such gimmickry here.  The truth of the matter is that there is nothing easy about giving up the relative ease of a lifestyle we've known for years for one that demands a completely different approach to living our lives - that of engaging in regular exercise and eating healthy, nutritious foods. 

    The pages within this site will not only give you the information necessary to transform your body on the outside, but they will also help you to look inward to sort out the reasons that led you to your current physical condition.  You'll have access to practical approaches to exercise and nutrition that will enable your body to begin the process of healing itself through shedding fat and strengthening muscles, bones, and joints.  You'll learn how to avoid some of the pitfalls along the way and how to recognize fad diets that cannot be maintained long term.  We'll explore the psychology of weight gain and weight loss and how to avoid falling back into our old routines.

    Specifically, the aim here is to help you do those things which will yield progress towards better health.

    In a nutshell, here's what you can expect from this website:

    Nutrition: how to eat for fat loss and muscle gain
      how to train for fat loss and muscle gain
    of weight gain and loss
    additional support for maximum progress
    Progress: how to measure progress without sabotaging morale

    When you improve the body, you improve the mind.  The alternate is equally true.  Only by working on both the mind and the body can people truly transform themselves and sustain that change over the long term.

    Where to Start

    New content is added frequently to the Wo40 blog.  It's the perfect place to continue your Wo40 experience.

    There is already a lot of free information on these pages, and more content is being added on nearly a daily basis.  There is an article specifically geared toward newcomers that explains what to do to get started with your physique transformation: Getting Started.  You might also choose to just pick a title from the "Best of" articles in the left margin and start reading.  Chances are you will find something that piques your interest.

    If you want to get right into the details of healthy living, you can start with the nutrition or exercise entries. 

    Wherever your first click takes you, I trust that the information included in this website will help you begin and continue a life-long journey of fitness.

    Be well!

    Bookmark this page (Ctrl-D) as a friendly reminder to return to Weightingon40 often.  You can also subscribe via the RSS feed in the right column of every page.  I recommend that you subscribe to the Wo40 Blog, since that is where I post most often and announce additions to the site.  Thanks!

    About the Authors
    Keith is a formerly overweight guy who learned how to remove fat and gain muscle - but never really made that knowledge a lifestyle before 2009.

    Alice, Wo40's Women's Contributor, is a healthy example of life after childbirth.  With 4 children, Alice still maintains a rigorous training schedule in addition to her responsibilities as a working mother. 

    You can learn more about Keith and Alice on the About Us page.

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    The information on this website is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or disease.  The information contained within these pages is intended for reference only and does not replace the qualified opinion of medical professionals.  Starting a fitness program without said medical opinion is done at your own risk.  Use of this website constitutes an agreement by the user to hold harmless and blameless the owners of,, its hosting platform and any parties associated therewith.