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    We are more....

    How easily we adapt to the roles other prescribe for us. It is myself - me alone - who has the authority to define who I am and who I am going to be. Special care must be taken to assure that the definition I provide for myself is one that I am willing to live with.

    For years, I have defined myself as "the fat guy" or "the overweight guy." Once that definition was made public there arose a vast cadre of individuals who were willing to assure me that my personal definition was accurate. My mother assured me that I was "just filling out."Someone else reminded me of what I was told as a child - that fat would eventually catch up. Still others were willingly complicit in reminding me that I could stand to lose a few pounds.

    I am more than a typecast. People expect me to be fat because there are so many like me in the world today. People expect someone in his late 30's to have sore knees, a sore back, flat feet, and a spare tire.

    But I've come to realize the opinions and beliefs of others don't matter.  I get to define me.  All others should expect to be ignored, no matter well-intentioned the definition may be.

    I am Fabulously Fit at 40.

    I am Fabulously Fit at 40.

    I am Fabulously Fit at 40.

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