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    Potentially Crazy Decisions

    I made a potentially crazy decision last night that I followed through on this morning.  Alice and the children are visiting her parents in Virginia for a few days, so I am without a vehicle as our second car is uselessly occupying my back yard.  Being the innovative and daring individual I am (ha ha), I decided to ride my bicycle to work this morning.  I thought, "It's only 3 miles.  It won't be all that bad."

    Then I started the journey.

    As you might already know, I am doing Beachbody's Insanity workouts.  Those things are near-death experiences almost every time, so I figured riding a bicycle couldn't be nearly as involved.  I was wrong.

    It's amazing how little you notice the various undulations in the road when you're driving a car.  I've driven the same path I rode this morning literally hundreds of times and never noticed that the bulk of the trip TO school is generally uphill except for a few brief moments of gentle downslopes.  And, of course, the journey is capped with a monumental upgrade for the highway overpass.

    I made it to school, but not without a lot of heavy breathing, burning quads, and sweat.  And the whole experience was fueled by a soupy bowl of Protein-enhanced Cream of Wheat.  Not exactly the best meal one can eat pre-workout.

    I still have to get home this afternoon (I'm writing this during some down-time at work).  Then I'm supposed to do Shaun T's Fit Test and go to a karate class this evening.  Somehow I think that 4 workouts is a bit much for one day.  Something might have to give, but I don't want to 'not' do something.

    There's a potentially crazy decision just waiting to be made about this evening, and I have no idea what I'll end up doing...

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