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    Push-Up Workout

    This blog entry comes as a result of many nights in the karate dojo.  One of the things that we frequently do in our karate classes is a push-up workout that involves anywhere from 10-12 sets of different types of pushups.  Throw in varying widths of the hands, and you can hit every major muscle group in the upper body including your abs. 

    If you want to give this workout a try, do about 30-60 seconds of jumping jacks to warm up, and get ready to push.

    Basic pushup - you know how to do it.  Hands are slightly wider than shoulder width and directly below the shoulders.  Lower yourself until your nose touches the floor and then push back to the starting position.  Do 10 reps then rest for 30 seconds.

    Wide pushups - same as the basic pushup except your hands are 2 hand-widths outside of your shoulders.  Again, lower yourself until your nose touches the floor and press back up.  Do 10 reps then rest for 30 seconds.

    Diamond pushups - bring your hands together under your face and form a diamond with your thumbs and forefingers.  Lower yourself until your nose touches inside the diamond (or as low as possible) and press back to the starting position.  Do 10 reps then rest for 30 seconds.

    Alligator pushups - with these pushups, your hands are staggered.  One hand is slightly in front of your head while the other is back at your ribs.  Do 10 reps then switch hand locations.  Do 10 more reps then rest for 30 seconds.

    Now we amp up the intensity a little by adding in extra movements

    Gladiator pushups - perform a basic pushup.  At the top, lift your right hand off the floor, turn your entire body until your chest, stomach, and legs are perpendicular to the floor, and press your right hand towards the ceiling.  Return your right hand to the starting position and do another basic pushup.  Repeat the turn and point, this time with the left hand.  Do 10 reps, alternating sides with each rep, and then rest for 30 seconds.

    Plyo-pushups - perform a basic pushup, only this time explode upward with enough force that your hands leave the floor.  Quickly clap your hands and get your hands back to the floor to avoid face-planting.  Do 10 reps and rest for 30 seconds.

    Crunch pushups - perform a basic pushup.  At the top of the pushup, pull your right knee toward your chest.  Put your foot back in the starting position and perform another basic pushup.  This time draw the left knee toward the chest.  Do 20 reps (each leg does 10 crunches) then rest for 30 seconds.

    Spiderman pushups - these are tough.  Lower yourself in a basic pushup.  Before you push back into the starting position, bring your right knee up to touch your right elbow.  Place your knee back on the floor and push back to the starting position.  Repeat the movement alternating legs.  Do 10 reps and go get something to eat.  Note: if you can do 20 spiderman pushups, then you are one strong individual!

    Give that workout a try once or twice a week for a few weeks.  Your overall strength will improve as you challenge your muscles in new and interesting ways.

    Be well!

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