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    Drinking for heart health?

    Let's go ahead and file this one under "Huh??"

    According to some Spanish researchers, men may receive some heart-health benefits by drinking 4-10 alcoholic beverages per day.

    Sounds like a great way to assure yourself of some heart health.  Oh, sure - our livers will probably shut down, but our hearts will be A-OK!  If this is the case, then the guys I see hanging around near the fountain downtown must surely have fantastic heart-health.  Sure they're socially not the people you would normally invite to your holiday get-together, but at least they're concerned about their heart health, right?

    Hey, guys!  In all seriousnes, while drinking yourself silly might seem like a fun way to keep your ticker in good health, just keep in mind that most women would probably be attracted to a man whose belly doesn't advertise itself as a "liquid grain storage tank."  Now, don't get me wrong: I do enjoy the occasional mixed beveraged in certain social situations, but 4-10 drinks A DAY??  That's just a bit outside of what I'd be comfortable with.  After all, I do have a wife and children.  And a job.  And adult responsibilities... Those things tend to fall by the wayside when one is imbibing from sunrise to sunset.

    My understanding is that 30-45 minutes of exercise a few days a week is also good for the heart - and good for the soul!  And it will keep you in good social standing with your boss, peers, and friends!

    Be well!

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