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    I don't usually post links to other people's stuff in my blog, but I'm making an exception in this case.  The author over at jacksboxproject wrote an excellent article on the nutricide of America - killing people through dietary means.  I'm not much of a tinfoil hat kind of guy, but I have to agree that there's a point to the article in that what we eat has a profound effect on our bodies in more ways than we tend to understand.

    Here's an excerpt from the article:

    A person is hungry, so they stop at a fast-food place on their way to work. An hour later they are hungry again, and wondering to themselves with guilt, “Why am I already hungry again?” It is because they satisfied their stomach, but not the rest of their body. Now their body is calling for more food, to satisfy the need for proper nutrients. The sort of nutrients that provide energy, and stave of all sorts of sickness and disease. If they had a nutritious breakfast, they would not be hungry now. Instead they opted for the cheesy-sausage biscuit that shot right through them like greased lightning. To satisfy their hunger once again, they raid the box of donuts in the break room. Again, no real nutritional value, but it satisfies the stomach for a while once more. At this point, the person has probably already exceeded their proper caloric intake for the day, without even gaining any proper nutritional sustenance that the body actually requires. The person has been eating for nothing, other than to put down the creeping feeling of starvation that comes from the body calling for the nutrition that it requires. You shut the hunger up for a while, by tricking it that nutrition is on the way, but a little while later the body says “hey, where’s that nutrition you said you were sending us?!” Sometimes with ferocity so that you are even hungrier than you were originally, and then body goes into “danger” mode, storing up what it can in fat reserves because it has been warned that there is a shortage of nutrients.

    Read the rest here.

    Be well!

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