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    Getting Stronger

    I went with my family to the park this evening.  While we were there, I took a shot at trying some pull ups on one of the jungle-gym structures.  I pulled 5.  Not a great number, but not a bad number considering this is an exercise I only recently began training for.

    It's long been one of my goals to step up to the United States Marine Corps tent at the NC State Fair and belt out a minimum of 10 pull-ups.  I came close a few years ago, but once I had gained a significant amount of weight it was logically something I hadn't wanted to attempt since. It is now my post-birthday goal, but I'm upping the ante.

    I will pull 15+ pull-ups in October at the USMC tent at NC State Fair - not the minimum 10 that gains recognition.  At that time, I will be fully 40 years old and probably the least likely candidate to successfully pull that kind of number.

    Currently, I'm 1/3 of the way to that goal after only about 10 days of training with that kind of exercise.  I did more training this morning and will be back at the gym for this kind of training again on Wednesday.  Of course, between now and Wednesday I'll be riding the bike for 30-40 minutes per day, and I'll do a leg workout tomorrow.

    Speaking of leg workouts, I decided to go ahead and start doing leg presses and deadlifts again.  It feels nice to be doing some more meaningful exercises for my legs - those extension and flexion machines just don't cut it.  It's better than nothing, but it's not nearly what I need to develop my legs.

    All in all, things are really looking up for me.  It's April - the last full month of my Transformation Challenge.  5 more weeks to go until the end of that, but not the end of my drive to improve my physical and mental well-being.  I will be an example to all people who consider themselves too old to be in the best shape of their lives.  I'm setting and achieving goals, and if I can do it, anyone can.  United States Marine Corps tent here I come.

    If you are over 30 and doubt you can be in the best shape of your life, shoot me a message.  Let's talk about it.  I'll help in any way I can.

    Be well!

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