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    Sex, Libido, and Exercise

    OK guys.  Besides the obvious connection between sex and exercise – that a healthy body is, for many people, a more sexually desirable one – the link between your workout regimen and your sex drive goes deeper into your physiology.  In other words, let’s talk hormones – specifically, your sex hormone: testosterone.

    Testosterone is the primary muscle building hormone, and men are blessed with an abundance of it (that explains why women, who aren’t as testosterone laden as men, do not bulk up when they lift weights).  As men age, our testosterone levels decline.  The regular ads you see on television for prescription libido-enhancement are a testimony to the degree to which men are losing their sex drive and stamina as they age.

    Luckily, we here at are here to help!

    Consider this fact: a man my height (5’ 10”) will see a 10-year acceleration in the decline of testosterone with just a mere 30 lbs of additional fat in the midsection.  While I was out and about today, I observed literally dozens of men who were carrying at least that much fat on their bellies (and some a whole lot more).  At my age, my libido could be that of a 50-year-old man had I not taken charge of my weight and health.  Since sex is, after all, an enjoyable activity, I feel compelled to do as much as I can to continue in that activity for as long as possible!

    If you’re currently carrying a bit more around the waist than you need, start setting some goals for getting rid of the belly fat, and then get started with an exercise and nutrition plan that will help you achieve those goals.  This is especially true for those of us who are 40+, since our sex drive has a natural tendency to decline as we age.

    A part of that exercise program should naturally involve weight training.  According to research, men who regularly engage in resistance training (2-3 times a week) can see as much as a 49% increase in their free testosterone levels.  That free testosterone will not only help you grow muscles but will also naturally enhance your performance in the bedroom.

    To further enhance your body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone, limit your alcohol intake and keep your stress levels at a minimum.

    There's no time like the present to get started on naturally enhancing your body’s ability to produce testosterone by reducing abdominal fat and growing some always-impressive muscle.  Your body – and your partner – will appreciate the effort!

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